Thursday, 31 January 2013


Well folks, I am  pretty sure after several hours of playing around , that this is going to be a real learning process for me. I am certainly not computer friendly(lol). I hope you will be interested in watching my journey, not only with CTMH, but with learning to set up my blog and share the things I am passionate about
with everyone. I love to make cards and I truly enjoy sharing that passion with people.So, I will try to post my newest creations and the occasional tutorial, as well as share interesting projects and sites that I find. :)


  1. Hmmmm Barbara, Seems you are as keen on a blog as I am. LOLOL They say it comes easier the more you do it! So girl, get doing it !!!!!

  2. I find is difficult and very intimidating. I would like to add some things around the edges as i see on other blogs, but i am just not getting the hang of this !