Friday, 7 June 2013

Calla Lily Tutorial

 I was asked to make calla lilies for a wedding card. Having not done this before, I looked at several tutorials on line, and took a few steps from a couple of them, and did what worked best for me. Well ,I have finally got the time to do this for everyone. I have tried to make this as easy a possible for everyone to understand by taking pics of each step. Hope you all have fun with these lovely flowers.

1. I used the Art Philosophy Cart from CTMH to cut the shape of the calla lily. It is shape # 6 , on basic cut.I cut it  at 2 1/2" for the white calla lilies  (1 3/4" for the purple calla lilies on the wedding card). You will want to cut several until you get the hang of them.

2. The next step was to ink both sides of the bottom edge and a little up the sides with CTMH exclusive ink color
pear.( I used smokey plum for the purple one).

3.Using a quilling tool, or pen,pencil,etc., roll the outside edges. The left side is rolled towards you, and the right side is rolled away from you.

4.I used a yellow pipe cleaner cut in half, then folded about one third from the top. Purple calla lilies have a greenish yellowish center, so I just inked the top of the yellow pipe cleaner with the pear ink, and it worked beautifully.

5.Glue the pipe cleaner to the inside of the calla lily, just at the bottom, so it is not glued to the side of the calla lily all the way up. You want it peeking up in the center of your flower.I used my hot glue gun. It is fast and holds instantly.

6. Gently roll the right side around the left side and glue into place.

7. Using florist tape , start up about 1/4" from the bottom of you flower to apply tape. If you have never used floral tape before, the only thing it will stick to is it's self. Go all the way around pulling snugly making sure your first round goes over exactly where you went first so that it sticks .

8.Gently roll all the way to the bottom of the pipe cleaner making sure you overlap well.

9. There you go, calla lilies ready to use.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am new at blogging, and doing tutorials so I am not sure if my instructions are clear enough.Your comments and opinions  would  be greatly appreciated.
Have a great weekend, and be sure to make good use of all your little bits and pieces!!


  1. Wow! That is much easier than I was expecting. Thanks SOOO much for sharing this.

  2. thank you and you are welcome !!

  3. Great instructions! Thanks.

  4. Love it! Thank you for sharing how to make them! I know what I'll be doing this weekend!!