Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Phalaenopsis Orchid

I love flowers, and I have  purchased several files to do so. During my search I was unable to find a file for a pahlaenopsis orchid ( one of my faves), so I set about making a flower using what I could find.

Here is the flower that I created.

This is the card I made using the flowers.

So what did I do?? I found parts and pieces of other flowers from a couple of flowers and then I made a few snips here and there. 

I have numbered each one.
  1   is an   impatien petal from  a file I purchased  : SVG Cut's 3D flowers pat 2
  2   is the leaves from this same flower, same file
  3  is a flower from Home Decor Cartridge
  4  is from the same file and is the centre from the "windflower"
  5  is the leaf from SVG cuts 3D flowers part 1 the daffodil leaf

 This is how I used them
On petal one, I simply cut out the top middle petal, and the two bottom petals, and for daffodil leaves( #5), I cut them apart. The centers(#4) are so tiny and intricate, they do not always come off the mat fully intact, but I don't mind this, as in nature, nothing is perfect. I inked the leaves and the # 3 petal. I follow instructions from the wonderful videos you will find at SVG Cuts , on how to bend and  manipulate the petals to give them a more realistic look.   Bonding Memories Glue pen was used  to adhere the flower together.. On the card, I used a pipe cleaner wrapped in green floral tape for the stem, catching the ends of the leaves into it  as I wrapped. The indiviual flowers were attached with glue dots.
 Having a Cricut explore, gives me the ability to acess the files I have purchased and uploaded to the Design Space, as well as files from my cricut cartriadges,  and place all images on my mat, and layer them one on top of the other so I can size them to be a perfect fit. This really was a labor of love. I hope you try your hand at creating your own flowers, and don't forget ot make good use of all you little bits and pieces !

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